Ullswater in Winter

Ullswater from near Aira Force

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Around two miles down the lake from Glenridding the road to Dockray and Matterdale goes off to the left. Just beyond the junction is one of the National Trust car parks for the Aira Force waterfall. You can walk up to the falls from there, or drive up the Dockray road to the second car park,closer to the top of the falls.

The photograph here was taken looking back up Ullswater not far from the junction with the main lakeside road.

Looking back to the lake - Ullswater Cumbria

Returning back for a mile or so toward Glenridding there is another National Trust car park at Glencoyne Bridge. This is said to be where Wordsworth saw the daffodils that inspired him to write of wandering "lonely as a cloud" etc.

Well, from here you can wander up by the Glencoyne Beck toward Hartside and along the Brown Hills from where there are magnificent views of the lake and its surroundings. Or you can ponder the lives of the sheep in this freezing cold environment.

Sheep in winter near the lake - Ullswater

Alternatively, when the water level is low enough, you can stroll down onto the pebbles where the beck enters Ullswater and look up the lake to the snowy mountains.

A cold Ullswater - Lake District

Don't get the impression that the Lakes are closed for business in Winter.

All the photographs here were taken in the winter months of early 2013. During this time news reports depicted Cumbria as blocked by snow drifts. The reality was quite different. True, it is often not difficult during the winter months to find snowed up roads in remoter parts of the county, but during the trips to supply photos for this and other sites at no time was there any difficulty with blocked roads. Even when the higher land is white the lower levels, as illustrated on several of the pictures here, are often quite clear. Localised drifting on the main roads can almost always be cleared quickly and efficiently by the County Council's excellent highways staff.

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